Comforting Memorial Gifts

Memorial Gifts

Many people are comforted by a small token by which they may remember their loved one. We can offer some timeless ideas that will help keep your loved one close and his or her memory alive. Miller Funeral Services can offer many gift suggestions for family members that can enhance their memories.

  • Remembrance jewelry comes in all shapes and sizes. Pendants, necklaces, bracelets, and rings are available in .925 sterling silver, 14K white or yellow gold, titanium, bronze, hand-blown glass, and crystal. These are designed to hold a token amount of your loved one’s cremated remains or a lock of hair and most of them can be diamond engraved with a photo or script.
  • Life Tribute Videos turn cherished photos into a Hollywood style DVD.
  • Tribute blankets turn a photo into a cherished keepsake.
  • Memory in My Heart & Precious Memories are beautiful fingerprint jewelry and keepsakes such as charms, rings, dog tags, or even pocket knives embellished with the actual fingerprint of your loved one. Individually crafted in gold or sterling silver, with or without gemstones, and in a variety of finishes, these heirloom-quality pieces can be taken anywhere.
  • Memorial Gems can be made from a small amount of cremated remains. These are merged with a precious gemstone for a lasting tribute.
  • Keepsake and memorial urns
  • Memory Glass holds cremated remains suspended in solid glass.
  • A memory table is a display of memorabilia and/or photos of your loved one that may be set up at the Celebration of Life Service.
  • Oil portraits our skilled digital artists turn your scanned photos into custom & dramatic portraits.
  • DNA preservation may help future family members predict and prevent illness. It is an inexpensive, simple, loving act that extends hope to family members.
Heart Shaped Memorial Gift