Distinctive Cremation Services for the Houston Area

Cremation Services

If you’re seeking dignified yet reasonably priced cremation services, look no further than the Cremation Society of Texas. Because we believe that families shouldn’t have to pay a fortune for a meaningful cremation service, we offer beautifully distinctive cremation services and merchandise at extremely reasonable prices.

We also encourage you to consider some kind of service in conjunction with a cremation. This service—whether a celebration of life service or a more traditional funeral service and visitation—helps families say goodbye and accept the reality that a loved one has passed away. Dr. Alan Wolfelt, Ph.D. and owner of the Center For Grief, has written that being able to say goodbye assists family members in their journey of grief.

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We offer the following service options to families choosing cremation:

  • Traditional Funeral Service with Cremation: Many families choose to have a traditional funeral service prior to the cremation. The loved one is present during this type of service. Generally, the night before the funeral, the family holds an open-casket visitation at the Cremation Society of Texas, either in our remembrance room or our Celebration of Life House, or your place of worship. The following day, the family then holds a service either at our facility or in a church of their choice. This Celebration may include a scripture reading, prayers, eulogy, sermon, and music. After this service, the loved one is then transported to the crematory for cremation.
  • Memorial Service with Cremation: Some families choose to have a memorial service if their loved one is cremated. With this type of service, friends and family can gather at our facility to reflect and reminisce about their loved one. Some families choose to have the urn present at this ceremony, as well as special keepsakes, memory boards, family photos, DVDs, and other memorabilia. This option provides an opportunity to remember loved ones through fellowship with friends and family.
  • Simple Cremation: A simple cremation is a cremation without a visitation or funeral ceremony. With this option, after the family completes all necessary paperwork and documentation, the physician has signed the death certificate and the State of Texas has issued a cremation permit, their loved one is transported directly to the crematory. After the cremation, the cremated remains are returned to the family in a previously selected urn. The family may choose to scatter or bury the cremated remains, place them in a niche, or take the cremated remains home.
  • Facilities for Receptions: In order to meet the needs of our families, we have created a reception space that allows you to visit with family members in a tranquil and inviting atmosphere. Our beautiful, serene, and professionally decorated facility includes:
    • Room for 100+
    • 50" flat-screen TV monitor
    • Full kitchen with refrigerator and microwave

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