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Grace Teresa Nabatanzi Ssendaula

May 26, 1963 - May 08, 2011

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When she died (on Mother's day), Grace was a few days short of her 48th birthday! Adorable and loving she always stood out for her ability to have things her way or the highway. This is witnessed in the choices she made, her lifestyle and the squabbles she had with her friends, siblings, parents, spouse and children. Grace was fun loving and enjoyed life. Since her passing, almost to a person, everyone has commented about Grace's cheerfulness, her vigor, her energy.
She attended Kisubi Girls' Primary School; Trinity College Nabbingo and Mt St Mary's College Namagunga . At Makerere University, Kyambogo campus, she majored in Education and graduated as a teacher in 1986. Her students at Namagunga will bear witness to her stylishness, her smile, her artistic talent and passion for the dramatic.
She got married in 1987 to Gerald Ssendaula; the fruit of their union being her three children: Adrian, Paul o and Maria, who were the pride of her life.
Seamlessly, she transitioned from teaching to becoming a farmer's wife to the extent that for several years, she won prizes as one of the leading farmers in Uganda.
While still in Uganda, she tried her hand at business; this provided her with an outlet to show her talent and love of fashion and design. The level of her success served as an inspiration to others to pursue similar dreams.
When she came to America, Grace wanted to resume her studies but the challenges of raising children as a single parent were simply too much, although in the end she managed to join Houston Community College and was starting to get into her groove; but the good Lord had other plans for her.
At Vita Living, her fellow employees like her employers remarked about her dedication to her job and the love and care she showed the "consumers" in her care.
As a mother, Grace made some great choices but also had challenges as any parent (single or not) will tell you. At the end of the day her children are proof of her unconditional and undying love and the sacrifice she bore on their behalf. The ability of her children to stand in our midst tonight and smile in spite of the grief they are enduring in this trying moment is a testament to what Grace managed to achieve as a mother.
As a sister, the same qualities have shown through. No matter how tough a spot she was in, Grace always looked for the positive in all situations, and found a solution where none existed.
Grace was a unique multifaceted individual and she will be greatly missed. May God grant her soul eternal rest.


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