On-Site Crematory

On-Site Crematory and Peace of Mind Cremation Process

8 Step Peace of Mind Cremation Identification Process

In order that our families may have the highest degree of confidence in our cremation procedures, we have developed an "8 Step Peace of Mind Cremation Identification Process".

Your Loved One Never Leaves Our Care

Prior to Cremation:

  1. A wrist identification band is placed on your loved one at the time we come to your home, hospital, or other care facility.
  2. After the family is invited to identify & spend some private time with their loved one, the cremation container is labeled with your loved one's name before they are placed into the secure refrigeration facility.
  3. Our General Manager, Ted Garcia, reviews all cremation paperwork to ensure family authorizations and permits have been received.

During and After Cremation:

  1. Your loved one is removed from the refrigeration facility and noted into a tracking logbook. The log shows the date and time of cremation, and the crematory operator's name.
  2. Our crematory checklist is dated, start time noted, and signed immediately before and after the cremation takes place.
  3. The crematory checklist, metal identification tag and wristband are placed on the door of the cremation chamber during the cremation process.
  4. After the cremation is completed, the cremated remains are removed from the chamber and taken to the processing station and allowed to cool. The crematory checklist, metal identification tag and wristband are placed on the processing machine following the cremation process.
  5. The metal identification tag corresponding to the name and other personal identifying file information from your loved one is placed into a temporary container.

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