10 Mistakes To Avoid When Planning A Funeral

June 20, 2016 by Miller Funeral & Cremation Services Staff  


Funeral planning requires a unique combination of time, attention, and specialized interpersonal communication skills. Indeed, it can be a complicated endeavor, and it’s certainly more difficult when inexperienced or bereaved.


Miller Funeral and Cremation Services understands the inherent challenges that individuals and families face when planning a funeral. It’s never an easy task, but when the most common mistakes are avoided, the services you seek will have the most meaning.


Integrity Matters

We strive to go the extra mile with each and every client we have the honor to serve. Our combined years of experience allow for every intention (no matter how detailed) to be realized, and hope that we exceed your expectations.


Our relationship begins during the planning process – but it certainly doesn’t end there. We aim to thoughtfully accommodate your needs throughout the entire period of grieving, which can vary from months to even years.


Planning A Funeral

No one wants to be taken advantage of, but when faced with certain decision in times of stress you can find yourself in a mess. To help you make the right choices, we offer the ten most common mistakes when planning a funeral:

  1. Allowing monetary constraints to rule your vision. We know that it’s important to stay on a certain budget when planning a funeral, but many people end up making decisions that are only based on a low price. Because of this, we aim for cost transparency and accuracy of services offered, so you may have peace of mind.
  2. Not conducting a reasonable price comparison among competitors.This includes harnessing the details about what is included – and what isn’t. The bottom line should help you make the best choices.
  3. Assuming that every funeral home offers cremation servicesIf you are pursuing cremation, it’s essential to understand the process and established protocols.
  4. Not planning in advance can result in irrational decisions that you wouldn’t have made given ample time and research
  5. Using an unfamiliar funeral home or director. Going with a recommendation is great, but it’s important to conduct face to face interviews to truly find the right match for you and your family. Ask for atour and expect that your questions will be answered in full detail.
  6. Ignoring the importance of a receptionPlanning a funeral is very hard, but attending one can also be difficult. We recommend hosting a reception so that the people in attendance can properly remember the deceased.
  7. Planning a funeral is easier when the wishes of the deceased are known. Some jot down ideas in a will, but this is often read after the funeral. It’s best to discuss your ideas with a funeral director so that he or she may plan accordingly.
  8. Not pre-funding. While planning a funeral is made easier before death, pre-funding a funeral takes the pressure off of family members entirely. While not an option for everyone, this is a common mistake when planning a funeral. We are available every step of the way, and hope that pre-funding makes planning a viable choice for your family.
  9. Details…From military honors to casket personalization, it’s essential not to overlook the details. Likewise, our memorial gifts provide meaningful connections for family members.
  10. Being upsold…Because we value your comfort, we offer a variety of services that fit your needs. We provide the space and opportunity for your loved ones to come together, without the hassle of unnecessary costs. When planning a funeral at Miller Funeral and Cremation Services, you will never fear being upsold.


Please contact us for more information on planning a funeral. We remain trustworthy stewards along your path, and look forward to serving you and your family.

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