A Coordination Of Care: Hospice And The Funeral Service

August 22, 2017 by Miller Funeral & Cremation Services Staff  


For centuries, the mission of hospice care has been to provide support, manage pain and discomfort, and offer a place of understanding and refuge during an end of life transition. Hospice offers terminally ill patients and their loved ones the professional care needed to make the final journey easier for all involved.


Many times when it comes time to plan a memorial or funeral service, the funeral home works in partnership with the hospice care team. Not only does this partnership alleviate some of the stress and worry for the patient but also provides assistance and guidance to family members. Such is the case here with our funeral services.



The Gifts Of Hospice

Hospice care offers a significant number of benefits to those who are preparing for their final days. Hospice allows the space for emotional, medical, and practical supports as the individual (along with their family) makes funeral plans, if they’re not already in place.


Through advances in modern medicine, hospice is equipped to offer many health care needs, along with daily care support, emotional and spiritual counseling, and after-death services. All supports are conducted with dignity and individualized independence.


Other Important Services Provided By Hospice Include…

  • Managing pain and helping to alleviate fear of pain
  • Helping family members understand what to expect next
  • Providing mental health support for the patient, including working through issues of depression and anxiety
  • Managing and controlling physical symptoms for improved quality of life
  • Facilitation of after-death plans
  • Supporting the bereaved in linking them to grief support services
  • Helping to carry the burden experienced by loved ones


The Partnership Between Funeral Homes And Hospice

Although each experience is highly personal and will differ in terms of end of life planning, it is common to see funeral homes work closely with hospice to help coordinate details so that the family can be with their loved one.


This partnership is a compassionate collaboration aimed at handling the details after a death has occurred so that family members can grieve. This includes pre-planning, facilitating the handling and care of the body, acquiring necessary permits, and connecting loved ones to grief and loss services.


Along with services provided by the funeral home, the hospice care team often stays involved throughout the process, including home visits with the bereaved.


Miller Funeral and Cremation Services works closely with many local hospice organizations in order to provide the attention and care required for a dignified, compassionate, and personalized end of life. If we can help to answer any questions regarding our hospice partnerships and services, please do not hesitate to call us.

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