Art from the Heart: Memorial Canvas Prints

A work of art is everlasting and evokes a sense of timelessness, reverence, and meaning. Therefore, many individuals who have lost a loved one are choosing this form of expression as a memorial item. With each portrait, it’s clear to the viewer that the memory of the departed is exemplified and cherished.

Your friends at Miller Funeral and Cremation Services take a closer look at this unique offering in memorial gifts and why this artwork may be something that will touch your heart when choosing a memorial piece.

The Memorial Canvas Print

Using today’s technology and digital printing ability, we no longer must rely on hiring a painter to create a special portrait. Using quality canvas, precision printing, and archival ink, we can capture a photograph with vivid color, depth of field, and clarity of results, making each print its very own masterpiece.

To memorialize your loved one, all that is required is a high quality/resolution photograph or photographs, if you are creating a collage.

Creative Ideas to Showcase Your Loved One

There are several companies that offer canvas printing, and most allow you to design your own collage using your photographs, as well as your choice in graphics and text. Along with your choice in images and verse, you’ll also have an array of background selections, sizes, frames, and displays.

Here are a few beautiful memorial canvas suggestions to keep in mind as you design your own special keepsake.

  1. Memorial Canvas Eulogy – This touching tribute includes your loved one’s photo with the eulogy overlay, composed of canvas and wood.
  2. Photo Collage from Canvas Factory – A poem or verse can be a lovely sentiment alongside an array of your favorite photos.
  3. Tabletop Canvas Print with Stand – If you wish to display your print on a table, this print is a great choice. Because of its size, it is also something that could be used as memorial gifts for your family members.
  4. Abstract Canvas Print – For an artistic flair, you can choose to have your image transformed into an abstract work of art for your home or office.

Why Choose a Memorial Canvas Print?

There is no limit to the number of options in memorial gifts and keepsakes, from hand-blown glass urns to jewelry, memorial quilts to garden plaques. But when it comes to creating a lasting memorial to display anywhere, the canvas print can be one of the most versatile.

Some of the other advantages of choosing this type of memorial keepsake include:

  1. It’s artistic. For those with a penchant for the visual arts, a canvas print can stand out during the memorial service and remain as a centerpiece in one’s home.
  2. It’s personal. There’s nothing look showcasing your loved one’s happiest moments that give others the sense of who they really were in this life.
  3. It encourages conversation. Looking at favorite photos of a cherished person can spark conversation and cause us to remember wonderful times past.
  4. It’s lasting. Using archival ink and canvas, this tribute is something you can keep for years to come.

The memorial canvas is a great way to commemorate your loved one, and with so many options, your choice will be heartfelt and special. If we can answer any questions about memorial gifts for you and your family, we are here to help. Please call one of our caring team.

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