Artistry in Ashes: Memorial Glass and Other Creative Ways to Preserve

While the traditional urn is still quite popular, many individuals are choosing more expressive, unusual, and creative ways to display cremation ashes. And many companies are meeting this demand with a wide range of products, from simple to elaborate. One of these popular items is memorial glass, or cremation glass.

Memorial glass is a one of a kind piece of art that not only shows the nature of the loved one being honored but the artistry of the creator. The team at Miller find these wonders in glass especially beautiful and would like to showcase a few options in these artful displays.


Beautifully Crafted: Options in Memorial Glass

Glass memorial art keepsakes come in several different designs, from sculptures to jewelry to paperweights. Memorial glass is created through a process of heating the glass until it becomes molten, shaping, then allowing it to gradually cool into its finished design. During the molten phase, the ashes are incorporated into the mix.

What makes this process so spectacular is that the ashes are cooler than the molten glass, which results in carbon being burnt off. Through this, the ashes form into brilliant white, creating a unique design that cannot be replicated.


Memorial Glass as Jewelry

One of the ways you can display the glass is as wearable art, such as pendants and earrings. Here are a few of our favorites.


  • Triumph from Locked in Art – There are fewer options in memorial jewelry for men, and this stunning, masculine dog tag displays the art glass in silver.



Memorial Glass as a Display

If you wish to go for the traditional combined with a contemporary work of art, cremation glass can be made into a sculpture to display in the home.


  • Memorial Glass by Christine HansenHansen is a respected glass artist who offers beautifully designed displays that incorporate both ashes and hair. Some of her beads can be made into hanging displays in windows or other places that can showcase the design.
  • Memorial Glass CatCremation glass artists also keep our beloved pets in mind. For those who have lost a feline companion, this gorgeous work of art contains ash and is illuminated with light for a wondrous display.

  • Soulbursts Art Glass Urn Another lovely option in glass urns, the Soulbursts urn is one-of-a-kind blown glass vessel handcrafted by a renowned glass artist, Michelle Kaptur.



There are so many choices in memorial glass, and each one is special to the memory of the loved one. Your friends at Miller Funeral and Cremation Services are here, should you need some assistance in finding the right design, or have any other questions about cremation and memorial services. Please call us!

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