Dealing with Grief Through the Holiday Season


Twinkling lights, the sound of carols, the hustle and bustle of shopping, parties… These are the components of the holiday season. The joy and togetherness can be a wonderful thing, but if you are grieving, it can seem difficult to manage. Grief and loss can take an enormous amount of mental and emotional energy. Couple that with the obligations of the holidays, and you may wonder how you can manage.


It is understandable to feel overwhelmed, but you can get through the season and make it meaningful and manageable for you. The team at Miller Funeral Services & Cremation Society of Texas have some suggestions for making the moments special while honoring your feelings. 

Five Ways to Help You Cope During the Holiday Season

The first thing to note is that you are not alone. So many people deal with the holidays and are going through challenges, whether that is a loss or illness. The beautiful aspect of the holidays is that it can be made your own through special ritual, self-care, and tradition. 



  • Know your needs. Take some time to consider how you are progressing with the stages of grief. Know your energy level and how much you can commit to during the holidays with your loved ones. Do you need more support? How about more time for self-reflection? Maybe you feel like you are ready to distract yourself with events. The man thing to remember is to understand where you are and how you feel. Communicate your needs with your family and friends.

  • Make a grief support toolbox. After you understand your needs, make a plan for support. Put together a grief support “toolbox” with things that can make the season easier on your heart. Put in your toolbox favorite comforts, such as music, tea, an inspiring book, or tickets to a sports game or concert. Gather as many things you can use to help you stay positive and well cared for through the season.


    1. Create rituals for healing. Not everything has to revolve around the traditional rituals for the season. Honor your loved one with new rituals, such as a holiday memorial. Perhaps it would be healing to create a space in the home with mementoes and photos of your loved one, adding holiday themes with candles, lights, and special things your loved ones like. Some choose to decorate the gravestone or place of rest with holly, pine, and other special seasonal plants. Create your own special ritual for honoring your loved one through the season of warmth and love.

    2. Find your people. One of the best ways to have a peaceful holiday is to surround yourself with those who understand. Best friends know how to just allow you space while being present with you, too. Seek out those who support you in your healing for special holiday dinners and togetherness.


  • Honor the loss. During the season, there's a push to focus on new memories. It’s okay to honor the old and create reverence for the past. Still, there is great beauty, joy, and happiness to be found in the little things and the poetry of life. Winter reminds us of the turning of the seasons, the turning of the wheel. There is a wonderful truth in the sense of renewal. 



Through the loss, there is hope and light. We hope you can find your perfect balance through the holidays and honor your truth and feelings, too. The team at Miller are here for you if you should have any questions about coping with grief during the holiday season. Please do not hesitate to call us.

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