Honoring Veterans This Memorial Day and in Perpetuity

Americans look forward to Memorial Day as the first official day of summer, but this national holiday is about more than just a backyard BBQ and splashing around in the pool. Born out of the Civil War as a way to honor fallen soldiers, Memorial Day (or Decoration Day as it was previously called) is an opportunity to recognize and remember veterans who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. 


Many military families visit memorials or graves of fallen soldiers this time of year, which is a wonderful way to pay tribute. At Miller, we want to review some additional ways of honoring veterans and their families this May.


Share Gratitude

The significance of Memorial Day is not lost on surviving soldiers or family members of the deceased. However, when we celebrate a fallen soldier’s life and accomplishments and acknowledge their sacrifice, meaning can be infused into the moment.


Honoring veterans may seem like an overwhelming emotional experience – and it is. However, when you reach out to active duty personnel, retired veterans, or family members of fallen soldiers, you have the potential to make them feel seen, heard, remembered, and appreciated. We recommend writing thank you cards or personal letters to share your remembrances or well wishes.


Start at Home

Honoring veterans can be as simple as holding a moment of silence or prayer in your home. Look at photographs or obituaries of veterans or read their stories and give each individual a moment of solemn reflection. Teach younger children and teens the value of respecting veterans and hold a moment of silence together.


Red, White, and Blue

Honoring veterans can also include buying mini American flags and distributing them around your neighborhood. Bring them with you wherever you go prior to Memorial Day to share your love and appreciation for veterans. This is always a day-brightener for people out in the community, and it shows how much you care.


You might also decide to visit Houston National Cemetery on Memorial Day to adorn graves with flags or flowers. Just be sure to follow all the rules and regulations. You can also donate floral arrangements.


Honoring Veterans Together

At Miller Funeral Services & Cremation Society of Texas, we’re prepared to help those in our community with Memorial Day remembrances, and we remain dedicated to honoring veterans and their families in a meaningful way.


Our caring, compassionate staff members extend their appreciation and respect to all veterans this Memorial Day and throughout the year.

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