In Remembrance: Memorial Gifts to Honor Your Loved One


As autumn gives way to the passing of the summer season, it’s a time to reflect on those loved ones who have moved beyond the veil. In the same way, Veteran’s Day seeks to honor those who have served our country so heroically. You may also be wondering how you can include your loved one in the upcoming holiday season, cherishing their memory and presence in your life.


Gifts that call attention to special memories are particularly poignant this time of year.

This is why your friends at Miller Funeral & Cremation Services have selected a few memorial gifts that can uplift, comfort, and bring a sense of closeness during the colder months ahead.

10 Special Memorial Gifts as Tribute to Your Loved One


  1. Personalized bird feeder - If your family member loved feathered friends, consider purchasing a bird feeder personalized with your loved one’s name or other inscription that is meaningful. (This is a great gift idea during the winter months, as many migratory birds pass through.)

  2. Living urn - If your departed was environmentally conscious, or if you have decided to honor them in such a way that helps life flourish, this urn may be a wonderful choice for a green tribute.

  3. Memorial glass - These beautiful glass pieces can be showcased on a desk, coffee table, or mantel, and come in a variety of shapes, like butterflies and hearts. Suncatchers are especially lovely as they allow light to stream through, a reminder that light follows darkness.

  4. Wearable tribute - If you want to keep your loved one close to your heart, there are many options in necklaces and rings. Here are a few of our favorite designs: Soaring Blue Sfera, Close by Me’s oval festoon pendant, and the Love & Loss ring pair.

  5. Memorial lantern - Raise the lantern high and illuminate your loved one’s presence in the lovely glow.

  6. Honorary donation - If you can’t decide what type of memorial gift to buy this season, there are many worthy nonprofits that can only do what they do through charitable donations. Think about a cause that was close to the departed, and donate a gift in their honor.

  7. International Star Registry - With billions of stars in the universe, why not register your loved one for a star named exclusively for them. When you gaze out at the night sky, you just may be looking at that very one!

  8. Cremains painting - Art using ashes is another new way many are honoring their departed. You choose the painting to be created, and the artist will mix some of the ashes into the paint. It’s a lasting way to remember your loved one through a one of a kind work of art.

  9. Music as memory - If your family member was known to have a passion for music, you may wish to have their ashes pressed into vinyl in the recording beloved to them.  Or, if you have a recording of their voice, you can choose to save it to listen whenever you want to hear them speak.

  10. Traditional memorial gifts - If your taste is more on the traditional side, personalized plaques, garden benches and stones, and other such items can be a sweet way to pay tribute.

There are so many ways in which we can honor both the passing of the seasons and the love we carry for those who have gone before us. If you have chosen a memorial gift that is not mentioned here, we would love to learn what you decided on and why it is meaningful for you.


And, if you have any questions about memorial gifts, Miller is here to help you find the right one. Please feel free to call us. We wish you and your family a very cozy, happy autumn.

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