Prepare for Your Passing with Funeral Pre-Planning

Many times in life, we experience the process of dying and supporting loved ones as they prepare for their final transition. How we help is often in accordance with their wishes and how they expect to pass. However, it’s equally important to acknowledge our own finality and how that might appear to us. 

Whether you’re healthy and just want to minimize the cost and emotional strain on your family or you’re in the final stages of life, there are many ways you can help alleviate stress with funeral pre-planning.

Envisioning Your Unique Service

Deciding which end-of-life service you prefer is a way to gain a sense of control, knowing that you’ll receive the memorial that’s best suited to you. This also helps ease the burden that might otherwise be placed on your loved ones.

Things to be considered include whether you want a casket, would like to be cremated, where you want your final resting place to be, and so forth. Additionally, think about what type of memorial service or celebration of life best reflects your personality and how you wish to be remembered.

These considerations are usually made with your friends and family, so they know your vision and wishes.

Funeral Pre-Planning

Funeral pre-arrangements are becoming more popular these days, as many older individuals want to take the reins on how their end-of-life services will be conducted. One way to do this is by working with a funeral consultant on the details. At Miller, some of the factors we can help you determine include:

  • Location of the funeral
  • Selecting the type of service
  • Penning your obituary
  • Burial versus cremation
  • Planned giving or estate charitable donations
  • Casket or urn
  • Whether you want a viewing service, celebration of life, or wake
  • Floral arrangements and memorabilia
  • Song selections and videography
  • Clothing you wish to be buried in
  • Transportation and pallbearers
  • Officiant
  • Cemetery selection

In addition to pre-planning, many choose to offset associated costs by pre-funding the estimated expenses. Regardless of when the services occur, prices are locked when an agreement is put into place.

This added assurance helps ease any last-minute financial strain that family members might face in your passing, and it allows you greater financial control and freedom over your unique needs.

Emotional Preparation

One of the unspoken gifts of planning for your passing is the opportunity to come to peace with the inevitable. Through planning, you’re able to set the tone and give deeper meaning to your own end-of-life service. During this process, you can also engage your loved ones, allowing them to ease into the understanding of your passing.

The team at Miller Funeral Services is here to assist you with any questions you might have about funeral pre-planning. If you’d like to meet with one of our consultants, please give us a call.


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