The Hope of the New: Inspired Spring Activities That Celebrate Life

Spring is in the air, heralding a time of renewal and hope for another sunny season of growth and new life. There’s something uplifting about this time of year when we’re able to get outside and work closely with the earth. As we watch the trees and plants grow into beautiful foliage and blossoms, spring gives us the hope of change and the inspiration of creating something new alongside the rest of the natural world.

Your friends at Miller Funeral Services think now is the perfect time to find some inspiration to give you that bit of spring magic. Here are some activities that celebrate life this new season. Enjoy!

7 Spring Activities That Celebrate Life

  1. Create a bird oasis. Nothing says spring like the early serenade of songbirds. To create a welcoming backyard for birds, add some feeders that attract various species, as well as a bird bath. If you want to watch the miracle of life from your own home, bird boxes are a great way to give our feathered friends a home and safe place to build their nests!
  2. Explore a new park. Something about a walk in the park elicits a sense of joy and contentment, all while being surrounded by other happy park goers. Parks are an all-ages way to get out and meet new people. Many parks offer classes and activities that can help connect you to new interests and offer ample time to socialize in a beautiful outdoor space.
  3. Invite friends over for a puzzle or other games. Puzzles have a myriad of themes and challenge levels and are perfect for the whole family. Games are also a great way to celebrate spring by creating table top space on a patio table, soaking up the sun, and sharing some fun with your loved ones.
  4. Plant a butterfly garden. Butterflies just might be the quintessential symbol of spring! Designing a butterfly garden in your backyard will not only give you the delight of seeing these lovely creatures, but will also help them and the environment by creating a habitat.
  5. Go for a family bike ride. What’s better than a springtime bike ride around the neighborhood or to your favorite cafe? Biking not only improves your mood and gets you outside to enjoy the fresh air, it also provides a great source of exercise. Bicycling is something all family members, young and old, can enjoy.
  6. Host a potluck or picnic. With spring in the air, it’s barbeque and picnic season, along with tailgating and other fun outdoor feasting. Invite some friends over to share a meal or host a potluck so others can add to the bounty. This is a great time to bust out those recipes you’ve been meaning to try!
  7. Find a new hobby. Finding a new hobby is another wonderful way to celebrate life and get out and learn a new skill. Whether it’s plein painting, tennis, or flower arranging, there are endless activities out there to pique your interest.

Springtime is a time of celebration and discovery. We hope some of these activities that celebrate life will inspire you to get out and create new memories as you enjoy all the season has to offer. We’d also love to know more about how you choose to celebrate this season of growth and renewal. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

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